Admissions Testing for Interpreter Training Programs

A variety of different interpreter training and preparatory classes use LanguageStat assessments as admissions criteria for their courses. 


Mile High Multilingual Services (Colorado) Bridging the Gap Program Information - Order Test (Request discount codes from program)

St Vincent Health/Rural and Urban Access to Health (Indiana) Bridging the Gap Program Information (Do not order test online. You will test through the program).

Core Medical Interpreter Training (CMIT) Program informationOrder test (Request discount codes from program)

Don't see your program listed?

Please check with your local program to find out the following information:

1. Which test or test version do you need to take? 

2. Do I need to test in all of my language combinations, or are certain languages prioritized?

3. Will you be taking the test on-site or from your own phone?

4. Will the organization be requesting and scheduling the test for you, or do you need to schedule the test directly?

5. Who will pay being for the test? Should you pay the university or other training organization, or order directly through the website?

6. Do you need to use a discount code or specific identification number?

7. When is the deadline for results?

Once you have that information, if you are ready to schedule or if you have questions, please feel free to contact our testing team at or (678)540-6394.