Communication Skills Test for healthcare (HC-CST) 

Non-provider healthcare staff members Assesses: Ability of non-providers working in a healthcare environment (such as medical receptionists, schedulers, billers, call center staff, medical assistants, nursing assistants, etc.) to effectively communicate at a level required to attend patients in both English and another language while maintaining standards of care.

For Admissions to the Core Medical Interpreter Training (CMIT)


Please use the form below to request your HC-CST for the Core Medical Interpreter Training (CMIT) program. If you prefer to make your appointment over the phone you can also call (678)540-6394.

After you submit your information, you will be contacted with scheduling information within two business days (usually same day). Within the body of your scheduling and confirmation emails, you will find a link to more information about the test as well as examples of the different types of exercises.

Once you have scheduled a time, you will need to make your payment online or over the phone at (678)540-6394 to confirm the appointment. If payment is not received within 24 hours, the appointment time may be offered to other candidates. Your organization should provide you with a discount code that you can use on the final checkout page.

Results will be sent to the CMIT program, to your local admissions officer or coordinator, and to the candidate. If you have any questions about admissions or program information, please contact your local coordinator. For questions about testing and test scheduling, please contact or (678)540-6394.

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