Late Rescheduling Fees

Late Rescheduling Fees

from 20.00

A late rescheduling fee will be charged for live administration tests when less than 24-hours' notice is given.

If less than one hour notice of cancellation or rescheduling: full test cost (non-refundable)

If one to 24 hours notice:

-$20 English/Spanish

-$30 English/Core Languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, French, Somali, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, German, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Ukrainian, & Haitian Creole)

-$40 English/Rare languages (All language not listed above)


Why are these fees charged?

  • LanguageStat works with contractor linguists, and when a tester accepts your appointment, they often decline other assignments. We charge fees because we compensate our testers for both their lost time and opportunity.
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