Scheduling Fees

In order to cancel or reschedule an assessment appointment without any fee, LanguageStat should be notified at least 1 working business day beforehand (at least 24 hours in advance, not counting weekends or holidays).

Cancelling or rescheduling with less than 1 working business day of notice will result in a scheduling fee. Self-pay candidates will need to pay their fees to reschedule, or will receive a partial refund for cancellations when applicable. If testing through an employer, school or other institution, we will bill the fee to the requesting organization. That organization may (or may not) require candidates to reimburse their fees and/or provide an explanation before allowing candidates to reschedule. 

1-24 hours notice: Late Rescheduling Fee (LRF)

If cancelling or rescheduling with less than 24 working hours notice, but with more than 1 hour notice, LanguageStat will charge a Late Rescheduling Fee (LRF). The amount of the fee will vary according to the rarity of the language(s):

  • English/Spanish testing LRF: $20
  • English/Core Languages testing LRF: $30 (Core languages include: Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, French, Somali, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, German, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Ukrainian, & Haitian Creole)
  • English/Rare Languages testing LRF: $40 (all languages not listed above)

Less than 1 hour notice: Missed Appointment Fee (MAF)

If cancelling or rescheduling with less than 1 hour notice, or if the candidate is not available for testing within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, LanguageStat will charge a Missed Appointment Fee (MAF). The amount of the missed appointment fee is the same as the full cost of the assessment.

Why do we charge these fees?

LanguageStat charges for missed appointments and late rescheduling because we reimburse our testers when a candidate no-shows or cancels with less than 1 day of notice.