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Skills-Based Assessments

LanguageStat offers tests for entry level interpreters, professional medical interpreters, and professional bilinguals in a variety of professions. See which options best meet your organization's needs.

Multiple Testing Modalities

Depending on your needs, we can test candidates live over the phone, or live online (via our Video Proctoring service). We also offer testing through our automated telephone platform, which allows candidates with difficult schedules to test any day, any time, all while guaranteeing the expertise of a qualified human rater. 




Online Video Proctoring (OVP)

Candidates can now test off-site with the same assurances of security that come with on-site proctored testing. Online Video Proctoring with LanguageStat means candidates are continually supervised by a qualified testing proctor, to ensure candidate identification and to avoid cheating. OVP is simple and easy to use!