HIS - Hybrid Interpreter Screening 

This test combines aspects of the CST and the PICSI. It assesses a candidate's ability to effectively understand and speak in both English and another language, and in addition evaluates their performance in a series of short role play scenarios with a separate scoring of included industry related terminology.

HC-HIS Medical context version:

Methodology: Interview in each language and series of short role-play interpreted scenarios containing healthcare related terminology.

During the interview sections, candidates are assessed on their ability to effectively understand and communicate through speech in both English and another language. The role-play scenarios are contextualized around a simple healthcare provider visits involving commonplace terms encountered in medical settings (but not including high level medical terminology). Successful candidates can be considered ready to interpret in a medical setting only following subsequent completion of a 40-60 hour professional training course that includes interpreter protocol, ethics and medical terminology. Additional follow-up testing or certification may or may not be required post training per organizational protocol &/or local/state regulation.